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Earth from the Air has an amazing record for generating interest and goodwill. For a sponsor it has the following benefits: 

ImagePeople interact with the images and the messages in a very positive way with a high recall of content and exhibition “supporters”

ImageThere is a long dwell time as visitors take in the images and messages and return to the Street Gallery many times. Leeds City Council commented that:

The only complaint we received was that it made people late for work.


ImageThe Street gallery will be on-site for at least four months and it is expected to be seen by over 1.5 million People, many of whom will make multiple visits.

ImageMany thousands more will see the adverts, leaflets, and web promotions.



Opportunity to interact with BATH & NORTH EAST SOMERSET COUNCIL.


ImageOpportunity to target key messages to their customers and stake holders through the associated power of Earth from the Air.


Quotes from the final report of our exhibition from Swansea Council:

ImageMarketing of the exhibition was largely coordinated by Swansea Futures, and the wide-reaching campaign helped draw many thousands of visitors to the area.

ImageReturns from visitor feedback indicate that around 55% of visitors to the exhibition were from Swansea, with 25% coming from other areas in Wales, and a further 20% from outside the country. Overall, 98% rated the exhibition as either a very good or excellent visitor attraction – the remaining 2% rated it as good!

Image41% said they did/would visit other places or attractions in Swansea on the same day as visiting the exhibition. 63% of respondents said they did/would visit the exhibition more than once.

Image57% of respondents made a pledge to take action for sustainability.

Image31% of the sample was able to name organisations that had supported the

ImageComparative visitor figures for the National Waterfront Museum for the same period in 2006/7 revealed that NWM experienced an increase of 35% in the weeks that Earth from the Air was in place.


ImageThe average overall increase for that period across all National Museum of Wales sites was 7%. The museum has stated that this unprecedented increase in visitor numbers was largely due to the attraction of the exhibition.


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