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Detail of villageDried cracked mud in Camargue,

Dogon Village

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This image available for Sponsorship, is of the Dogon village near Bandiagara, Mali Latitude / Longtitude: (14°23’ N, 3°39’ W)

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The Dogon have lived in northeastern Mali for more than five centuries. They are sedentary farmers who originally fled to the region bordering the cliff of Bandiagara, near Mopti, in order to escape the spread of Islam. Their villages are made up of walled residences, each of which houses one family. Built of banco (a mixture of earth and straw), the homes are rectangular in shape and without windows, and they feature terraced roofs used for drying harvests. Each residence has several seed lofts for storing grain reserves, raised on stones, usually cylindrical, and covered with cone-shaped straw roofs. The Dogon, who number as many as 300,000, are known for their craftsmanship as well as their animist practices. The wealth of traditional Dogon culture led to the inclusion of the cliff of Bandiagara on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites in 1989.

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