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Illuminated greenhouse

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This image available for Sponsorship, is of an Illuminated Greenhouse near Sauvo, Varsinais-Suomi region, Finland .Longtitude / Latitude: (60°18’ N, 22°36’ E)

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Finland, with a quarter of its territory located above the Arctic Circle, occupies the most northern position in Europe. At such high latitudes, agriculture becomes a challenge to nature; in winter, night rules uninterrupted for nearly two months in the north, while in the south, the daily appearance of the sun remains timid, not exceeding six hours. In this premature twilight, the snow is scattered with gleams from greenhouses, where the daily duration of photosynthesis is extended thanks to artificial lighting, as here near Sauvo, in the southwestern part of the country. If Finland manages in this way to produce 35,500 tons of tomatoes per year, its favourite field remains silviculture or timber. It exploits pine and birch forests that cover 70 percent of its land and provide more than one-third of its export revenues. Residue from the timber industry and waste from cutting trees serve as fuel, an important source of renewable energy that has covered 20 percent of the countrys energy consumption and 10 percent of its electricity consumption in the year 2000.

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