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Blue Lagoon

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This image available for Sponsorship, is of the Ble Lagoon, near Grindavík, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland. Longtitude / Latitude: (63°53’N, 22°27’W).

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The volcanic region of Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, has numerous natural hot springs. The Blue Lagoon (Bláa Lónid, in the Icelandic language) is an artificial lake fed by the surplus water drawn from the geothermic power station at Svartsengi. Captured at 6,560 feet (2,000 m) below ground, the water is raised to 464° F (240° C) by the molten magma and reaches the surface at a temperature of 158° F (70° C), at which point it is used to heat neighbouring cities. The milky blue colour of the lagoon results from the mineral mixture of silica and chalk from the basin combined with the presence of decomposing algae. Rich in mineral salts and organic matter, the hot waters (about 104° F, or 40° C) of the Blue Lagoon are known for their curative properties in the treatment of skin ailments. The use of geothermy, a renewable, clean, and inexpensive energy source, is relatively recent, but it is being used with growing frequency. In Iceland, in 1960 less than 25 percent of the population benefited from this source of heat, whereas today it meets the needs of 85 percent of Icelanders and provides heating for pools and greenhouses.

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