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DromedaryCaravan in the Dunesdyer's Vats and workshop

Drying sea salt

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This image is of drying sea salt in the saltworks at Punta Vigia, Ocoa Bay, Dominican Republic Latitude / Longtitude:(18°20' N ­ 70°44' W).

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Like many of the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic produces salt, which is an inexpensive industry to run and is simple to operate in coastal areas. The salt crystals are harvested for six months of the year, and this comparatively unskilled labor is often carried out by women. Salt is present in sea water, at a ratio of 30 grams per liter, and in deposits of rock salt originating from the sea, and it is found all over the world. It can be mined (rock salt) or, as in this photo, obtained through the natural evaporation of sea water (sea salt): 240 million tons were produced in 2006, 20 percent of which comes from the United States and China, while other major producers are Germany, India and Canada. The chemical industry uses 60 percent of worldwide salt production, and 10 percent is used for de-icing roads. The rest is used in the fishing (for preservation) and food industries, and for filling the salt shakers on our dining tables.

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