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Glacier tongue near Mount Khan

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This image is of a glacier tongue near Mount Khan Tengri, Sary-Jaz mountain range, Ysyk-Kl Region, Kyrgyzstan Latitude / Longtitude:(4210N 8000E).

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Kyrgyzstan is one of the highest–lying countries in the world and has innumerable glaciers. These frozen masses on their mountain tops are the planets water tanks. While they only contain 4% of the fresh water, half of the world's population depends on them for their water supplies. Acting as a regulator on the resource's availability, they collect precipitation during the cold season in the form of snow, and deliver it by melting during the summer. Today, glaciers all over the planet are melting. It has been estimated that even in the Himalayan range, the highest on the planet, most glaciers will have disappeared before 2050. The first consequences are already being felt: a number of mountain lakes are threatening to overflow and to flood the populated valleys downstream. In Nepal, high altitude lakes are filling up so fast that around 40 of them could overflow before 2010. If nothing is done to stabilise the current atmospheric warming, flooding of this type will be replaced within a few decades by an era of water shortages, since it will not be possible for us to replace melted glaciers.

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