Earth from the Air Exhibition in Bath - September 2009 / January 2010


  At this thought provoking Gallery Exhibition in the streets of Bath 

step-panel.png Sponsoring an Image at Earth from the Air in Bath this Autumn

Promote your business, and involve your customers, staff and families with this powerful exhibition that attracts large audiences showing the wonder of our planet through stunning imagery, and creates a real sense of awareness of the challenges facing mankind through the informative captions.

Promote your message and business details on the caption panel of your chosen picture.

For just £569.00 inclusive of VAT.

For more information on our exhibitions click here http://www.wecommunic8.com/



Earth from the Air has an amazing record for generating interest and goodwill, and, for a sponsor has the following benefits:

  • The Street gallery will be in the city centre for at least four months. It is expected to be seen by over 1.5 million people, it is flood lit, open 24hrs a day and through Christmas.
  • People interact with the images and the messages in a very positive way with a high recall of content and its exhibition “supporters”.
  • There is a long dwell time (40 to 90 minutes extra), as visitors take in the images, read messages and return to the Street Gallery many times. Leeds City Council commented that “The only complaint we received was that it made people late for work”


For more information on our exhibitions click here http://www.wecommunic8.com/


So what is Earth from the Air?

Earth from the Air consists of unique, large scale aerial photographs of astonishing natural landscapes, taken by world acclaimed French photographer Yann Arthus-Betrand. Each photograph in the exhibition shows the beauty of the world yet together with its accompanying caption, illustrates how our planet is changing. Every image stands as a visual testimony to the world we live in today; a world with a growing population, shrinking biodiversity, polluted lands and oceans, a changing climate and a shortage of water.

Governments throughout the world and many international organisations acknowledge that environmental issues such as sustainable development and renewable energy resources are of the utmost importance.

It has been acknowledged that an EARTH FROM THE AIR Street Gallery is an excellent vehicle to support the education of everyone in the needs of the environment, sustainability and good citizenship. Together we can Go M.A.D. make a difference.

Next to the Roman Baths, Abbey, SouthGate
Tourist Information Centre, BATH BA1 1LY
In association with Bath and North East Somerset Council


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